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In some startling news, those looking to indulge in a democracy sausage may be left feeling a little disappointed tomorrow, as the Australian electoral commission has stated that there may be some food shortages – but not the kind our nation has gotten used to.

Posting a statement to every social media channel, the AEC has warned that the weather has affected the supply of the nation’s sausages and that they may be a little bit smaller than what we’re accustomed to.

This comes as no surprise to the thousands of people who’ve been left shrieking ‘fuck it’s cold’ when stepping outside, but it’s a disappointment nonetheless.

“Yes, sadly the cold weather has seriously affected our sausage supply”, says one local butcher, “we’ve seen some major shrinkage.”

“Not ideal, but we’re making the most of what we’ve got.”

However, AEC spokesperson Dave Matthews confirms they’re still ‘really good’, and assures that people will ‘more than satisfied.’

“I think the sausages last year were too big, if I’m being honest”, says Matthews, “nobody really needs more than a mouthful.”

“Requires less tomato sauce too.”

“Plus, it’s about the quality not the quantity.”

Though the democracy sausage is limited to one per person, Matthews says there will be plenty of finger food available if people are still feeling peckish.

More to come.


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