Noise, odour, overshadowing, access to sunlight, privacy. My God the list is endless.

These are just some of the so-called ‘amenity impacts’ that our outdated and cumbersome planning system forces us developers to avoid.

And it’s precisely community protections like these that are fuelling the housing crisis.

It’s time to remove the red tape, the layers of bureaucracy, the countless community protections and let developers develop! Let us solve the housing crisis.

It is impossible to develop anything anymore. The NIMBYs have one. When a large scale residential developer like myself wants to shift the dial on housing affordability and deliver affordable housing to those most in need, what does the government do?

They let the loudest, craziest community voices take over and stop us.

Instead of removing the red tape the government continues to put up more barriers to development to ‘protect community amenity’ or whatever political doublespeak jargon the government uses on any given day.

Australians are sick of it. Remove the endless layers of planning policy, building regulations and community protections and let us solve the housing crisis by developing developments quicker, cheaper and to a far lower standard.

Height controls, landscaping requirements, setbacks, bedrooms with windows, all of these are in place to protect the community and not to facilitate the timely delivery of affordable housing. And these things make it so much harder for developers like myself to win development approval so that I can then slowly drip-feed houses and land parcels on to the private market at a time of my choosing.

It’s not rocket science folks. If a developer wants to build a 4 storey apartment building next door to you, you should not be allowed to stop it. You just adding to the housing crisis that us developers are frankly fed up with.

We need certainty. We need a clear path to construction. And we need to be able to clear ourselves of any liability for anything that goes wrong. Just let us take our windfall profits and walk away from the community and go and do it all again somewhere else.

Remove community protections once and for all and let developers develop!


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