I’ve systematically invested $10,000 each month into high-growth, high-risk shares. After doing so 100 times, I now have an investment portfolio valued at $789,682. Which is a loss of some $200k. More when you take into account natural inflation over time.

As one of Australia’s most expert unsuccessful investors, people always ask me what shares they should avoid buying. And unlike most terrible financial advisers, I don’t beat around the bush. I offer up straight up, no BS advice that is 100% based on all of the terrible investment choices I’ve made.

What shares to buy or not to buy really depends on your investment strategy. But if you’re looking for high-risk, high-growth shares to lose money on this month, then keep reading.

As you can imagine, there’s no hard and fast rules of what is and what is not a growth stock or what constitutes high-risk, but with the right skillset you can identify these stocks and imagine better returns in your head all the while creating an equities portfolio that loses money in reality.

The trick is consistency. It’s not about timing the market, its time in the market. When others are fearful, be greedy. Sell in May and go away, the trend is your friend, buy low, sell high. Warren Buffett, Rich Dad Poor Dad. Things like this are what I say at important investing seminars if I’ve managed to get a paid speaking gig as an ‘expert’.

So if you’ve got $10k ready to invest then here’s the hot tip: Consistently put that amount into the ASX every month for years. Literally any company, any sector. With recessions, war, and energy crises hanging around for years to come, for every dollar you invest in the ASX today you’ll only get 20c back tomorrow. This is a high- risk strategy, one you’ll lose money on.

But the high-growth prospects of many ASX- listed companies may still be promising at some point in the future never. It’s a turkey shoot, just load up and spray and you’re bound to hit something risky.

Follow my advice and I promise if you invest $10k each month then in less than 10 years you’ll have lost a quarter of a million dollars and will have an investment portfolio valued at almost $1 million!

Do you want to be a millionaire or not?!


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