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And in what might be the most random news of the week, the Australian Capital Territory has agreed to decriminalise small amounts of drugs, which includes ice, cocaine and even heroin.

This means that people found with small traces of these drugs would be subject to fines instead of jail time, with police turning their focus to tracking down dealers.

Health Minister Rachel Stephen-Smith has stated that drug abuse should be considered a health issue instead of a criminal one, and that ACT would be leading the way for a more progressive attitude towards drugs. Canberra was also the first state to decriminalise marijuana use and allow people to possess and cultivate the plant, for reasons other than medicinal use.

However, though it may appear that the nation’s attitude towards drugs and how to approach the addiction is shifting, as usual, there are other motives involved in this new law.

The Advocate has since learned that the motivation towards decriminalisation of drugs has nothing to do with protecting vulnerable people from incarceration, but more to do with revitalising Canberra’s tourism industry.

Our reporter speaks to head of tourism Lindsay Scott for more information.

“Yeah, outside of school excursions, nobody wants to come here”, admits Lindsay, “there’s fuck all to do.”

“You’ve got the big three with Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, and I suppose Tassie is quite pretty.”

“Northern Territory has Uluru, WA has quokkas and Southern Australia is great for the plonk heads.”

“What does Canberra have? Parliament?”

“Big deal.”

“No wonder people do drugs.’

More to come.


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