A Betoota man might have cemented himself as one of the all time knuckleheads by telling the parents of a newborn he’s been pretty tired as well lately.

Popping over to visit his friends who recently became parents, absolute moron Keiran Booran (31) showed up with a Bakers Delight pull apart, supermarket chocolate cake, and a hilarious joke in the form of a box of condoms.

After realising he would never get offered a cup of tea, Booran popped the kettle on and sat down with the new parents who looked as if they had lived through several natural disasters.

It was then Booran made his first mistake and asked the parents of a newborn how they were sleeping.

“Three hours a day, oh that’s not enough,” stated Booran, demonstrating why he is a salesman and not a sleep specialist.

“If you’ve been up all that time why aren’t the dishes done yet? Haha, only joking.” 

“You’ll get to them when you need to.”

“But seriously, I know how you feel, I’ve been having trouble sleeping lately too.”

“I’ve been pretty knackered to be honest, the other day I had to get up suuuuper early, like 6:30am. It was still dark!”

Luckily for Booran, his friends were far too exhausted from dealing with their new tiny tyrant to call him out on his whinging regarding the eight hours of sleep he gets every night.

“Sorry to hear the birth was so traumatic. My sister had a long birth as well, like 45 minutes, can you imagine?”


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