Young urban creatives look forward to another Saturday night in with Tame Impala and MDMA caps

Life is too short to give your money to Justin Hemmes.

Young urban creatives look forward to another Saturday night in with Tame Impala and MDMA caps

6 August, 2016. 18:34

ERROL PARKER | Editor-at-large | Contact

SOME PEOPLE BLAME MIKE BAIRD, other people blame the cost of living in Sydney’s inner suburbs.

Young people, especially the creative ones, are shunning the city’s smorgasbord of PG nightlife for evenings at home with close friends. Drinking a halfway decent red, smoking a little bit of cannabis. Perhaps even a cheeky inside cigarette on the couch.

These people are part of a growing trend that’s seeing nightclub dancefloors and sticky sports bar tables being traded for nights filled with halal-gelatin capsules full of methylenedioxymethamphetamine crystals and Fremantle musical group, Tame Impala.

“It’s just what people do these days, you know,” said one tertiary-educated barista.

“There’s nothing to do in Sydney anymore. People say like, ‘Hey, do you want to go to the Night Noodle Markets and I’m like ahhh are you kidding me? Can I get fucked up there and end up pissing on somebody’s oven? No, I can’t’,”

“So that’s why we just smoke a few cigarettes, maybe smoke one through a Paul Newman salad dressing bottle if you know what I mean, order a ten-pack between three of us then sink into the couch and put on Currents. ”

Despite growing fears that this social phenomenon will catch on, many publicans that cater to tertiary-educated hospitality staff have announced that they have no plans to lower their prices in an effort to lure these people back into their venues.

One Darlinghurst publican agreed that while these people are welcome in his establishment, their sense of social entitlement isn’t.

“I blame the drugs. You used to be able to do drugs in a pub without being afraid of having your arm ripped off by a Tongan bouncer,” he said.

“But alas, I digress. Perhaps it’s got something to do with the fact that I have the gall to charge students $7 for a schooner of Tooheys New, or that I’d prefer to have people playing the pokies than eating in the bistro,”

“It’ll all work itself out. Isn’t that the Gen Y way of deal with the Sunday morning anxiety attacks?”

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