The 11 Worst Online Reviews Australia Has Ever Received

The 11 Worst Online Reviews Australia Has Ever Received

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These National Parks are the postcards that Australia sells to the rest of the world. They may seem like the perfect place to visit on your next holiday.

However, nearly every major national park in the country has had a handful of one-star ratings on various travel sites, ranging from trip Advisor to Yelp. You might change your mind after reading these scathing reviews left by people who actually visited these majestic locations – if you’re easily swayed by the silent minority.

On Australia’s best ski resorts
The most important part about visiting Uluru is being able to climb it.
Probably wasn’t the first time he’d had to suffer a Katoomba pit stop
One of the great unsolved Australian mysteries are submerged trolleys in Sydney Harbour
9 out of 10 Australians agree: The Royal National Park is overrated.
Cradle Mountain Image
Remember, this also goes to most of Tasmania. Colder than it looks.
iiNet has clearly dropped the ball when it comes to providing internet in beautiful parts of the country
If you know where the Purnululu is, you need to get out more.
Global warming didn’t kill the reef. Unprotected sex in its lagoons did.
Clive Palmer’s review of the Daintree from
Crocodiles only eat German backpackers: FACT


2 Responses to "The 11 Worst Online Reviews Australia Has Ever Received"

  1. mei wong-nichols   March 20, 2015 at 9:51 am

    Hahaha,sounds like DIY travellers who chose bad sites (even in gorgeous areas) or were unguided or poorly guided or simply did not understand sun protection or insect repellent. Australia can be harsh if not properly prepped before travel.

  2. james   September 29, 2015 at 6:40 pm

    If the snakes don’t kill you; the boredom will. My idea for a slogan for us.


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