Tattooed Bloke In Ballarat Pub The Main Reason Cardinal Pell Won’t Return To Australia

Tattooed Bloke In Ballarat Pub The Main Reason Cardinal Pell Won’t Return To Australia

4 March, 2016. 13:15


Despite efforts by Cardinal George Pell to meet with Australian survivors of clergy sex abuse in Rome, there are several members of the relapsed Catholic community in regional Victoria who he will not be meeting with.

It is believed that the 69-year-old former bareknuckle boxer from Ballarat, Kerry Carnegie, is the main reason Cardinal George Pell is unable to return home to Australia.

“He’s always been a soft cunt” says Carnegie, who claims to have been several years behind Pell in High School.

“When the going gets tough, the tough board themselves up in the Vatican and refuse to face the music,”

“If I can get five years in jail for robbing a servo, then Pell should also be answerable to the crimes of the Catholic Church,”

Over the last week, Cardinal Pell has spent time testifying before the royal commission, saying it was a “disastrous coincidence” that five paedophile priests had been sent to Ballarat during the 1970s, but adding that he hoped his testimony had “contributed a bit to healing, to improving the situation”.

Reading from a handwritten statement after the meeting, the cardinal said he was committed to working with Ballarat abuse survivors to try to help those suffering, but made it clear that he will never be meeting face to face with Kerry Carnegie.

“Carnegie is a thug and I will not play the roll of a punching bag for someone who claims to be a member of a community,” said Pell.

“People like Carnegie are what’s wrong with Ballarat,”

However Carnegie says a simple apology from all the way over in Rome isn’t enough.

“Being treated like a punching bag is the least of Pell’s concerns” says Carnegie from the public bar in the Royal Ballarat Hotel.

“I’d be more worried about becoming some sort of a pin cushion,”

“The least he can do is come down here and visit the town that he and is rockspider mates have fucked up”

“I know a few blokes that want to have a chat with him. I’d be very keen to have the chance to meet with him myself. I knocked him out during a game of football in 1966, I’d love to do it again,”

“Come on, Pelly. Just a chat,”


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