Scots College in lockdown

Scots College in lockdown
ABC24 is reporting that the exclusive private school is in lockdown.
ABC24 is reporting that the exclusive private school is in lockdown.

31 October, 2014. 13:19

Errol Parker | Reporter | [email protected]

The Scots College is reportedly in lockdown this afternoon after an armed man was seen roaming near the Bellevue Hill campus.

Police are now searching the leafy suburbs surrounding the exclusive private school and have set up checkpoints on New South Head Rd and Victoria Rd westbound.

Rose Bay Police superintendent, Michael Panozzi is calling for calm.

“We’re looking for the individual and it’s only a matter of time before we catch him,” says Mr Panozzi.

“Everybody is out there looking.”

It is alleged by witnesses that the man is armed with a foul mouth and a bad attitude.

School teachers were allegedly alarmed by the man’s flippant use of swear words and his pronunciation of the letter “H”.

The perpetrator is believed to be around 180cm tall with a medium build – witnesses describe the man as being “extremely unkempt” and “Catholic”.

Scots principal Dr Ian Lambert, says that the safety of his students is always the top priority.

“We have a duty of care to protect our students from obnoxious and coarse people,” says Dr Lambert via telephone.

“We’ve also been entrusted not to expose students to Catholicism,”

In 2007, the College was successfully sued by the parents of a boarding student after the pupil was caught having sex with a Catholic girl in his dormitory.

“I don’t want to be sued again,” says Dr Lambert.

“That’s why we’re in lockdown.”


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