REPORT: Nothing is more racist than a Baby Boomer’s shared Facebook account

"It lets me give people a piece of my mind," he said.

REPORT: Nothing is more racist than a Baby Boomer’s shared Facebook account

19 July, 2016. 17:45

ERROL PARKER | Editor-at-large | Contact

NOT WANTING TO BE LEFT by the wayside of the information superhighway, but not wanting the admin hassle of running their own accounts, two North Betootan seniors elected to paint themselves with the same brush.

Buoyed by the recent success of fringe organisations such as One Nation and ALDI, Pete (67) and Cheryl (29) have built up their confidence to speak their minds on Facebook.

Pete, a retired motorcycle mechanic, revealed to The Advocate this morning that he’s never really felt comfortable around people who don’t look like him.

“I’m not a racist, but I just don’t think they should be here,” he said.

“But I’m not confident enough to say that aloud. Betoota has been Halal since 1864. But now that I’ve got this Facebook account with ‘Chez’ [Cheryl], I feel like a tonne of bricks has been lifted off my shoulders,”

“People don’t know if it’s me or her who’s givin’ the Mussies [sic] some stick! [laughs]”

Pete and Cheryl aren’t alone in their quest for a racial nirvana, with the CSIRO today outlining that “there’s not many things in this country more racist than a joint Facebook account run by Baby Boomers.”

Alarmingly, the next generation of Australians to be put in the ground are also the least tolerant of other cultures and religions on average.

They’re also over-represented in the joint-Facebook account count, with close to 100% of all those profiles being attributed to people over 60.

More to come.