Pauline Hanson gets tough on ebola – calls for nationwide boycott on butter chicken

Pauline Hanson gets tough on ebola – calls for nationwide boycott on butter chicken


 November, 2014. 11:34

CLANCY OVERELL | Editor | [email protected]

Recent reports of a man being detained in New Delhi with the ebola virus has drawn the ire of Pauline Hanson, the one time deposed and incarcerated leader of the One Nation Party. After recently declaring her intent to stand in her Queensland electorate, Hanson has called for a nation wide boycott of butter chicken, citing that “ebola festers in this disgusting food” 

Opponents from all sides of politics are scoffing at her right-winged suggestions, with some voices in parliament stating that she is merely using the epidemic to “further her own ambitions in politics.” It has been suggested by some within some political circles that Hanson is attempting also to “restore her own takeaway store to it’s former glory” by eliminating the opposition using “scare tactics and racial vilification techniques” not seen since last week when Tony Abbot declared that Australia was nothing but bush before European settlers arrived.

Palmer United Party founder and leader Clive Palmer has gone one step further in his defence of the Australian-Indian staple by going on record stating that he “eats four or five servings of butter chicken a day” and has never even come close to catching the much maligned disease. Off the record he was heard declaring under his breath that Senator Glen Lazarus eats even more butter chicken than him.

Senator Lazarus was unavailable for comment at the time this article was published but he has been observed before writing his policies on used napkins from Indian Restaurants in the past. Although he refutes the claim, Senator Lazarus has previously stated that fifteen years of first grade football rendered him “incapable of using a computer” and that he employs a full time assistant to write down his policy verbatim from his napkins.

Time will tell whether this is media frenzy attempt by Hanson up or cause for concern.

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  1. A bloke called Ant of Gippsland Vic   November 21, 2014 at 1:53 pm

    Thank goodness its “Parma Night” at the pub is all I can say…..

    P.S. we so need a “Ranga” in Canberra again.


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