McDonald’s to trial new trough delivery system in late night hot spots

"I can't wait to trough out again," he said.

McDonald’s to trial new trough delivery system in late night hot spots

18 November, 2014. 12:18

ERROL PARKER | Editor-at-large | Contact

GLOBAL FAST-FOOD giant McDonald’s is set to trial a new controversial food delivery system – which some have labelled a “trough”.

The new “Pick Your Own” menu being trailed at selected busy late night restaurants has raised more than just a few eyebrows around the country.

The new food delivery idea involves McDonald’s products such as burgers, nuggets and french fries – being “dumped” into a tub and wheeled out to waiting customers, where they pick out what they want.

Before being allowed access to the “trough”, customers must first pay a flat $10 fee.

Upon purchasing a “trough pass”, anything inside the wheeled cart is available.

Consumer health groups are up in arms today as the plans were made public for the first time.

“They can’t possibly be serious,” says a spokeswoman for the Consumer Health Forum of Australia.

“McDonald’s is explicitly targeting drunk people,”

“This trough idea is promoting unbridled gluttony on a whole other level than to what we’ve seen before.”

Cricket legend and McDonalds advocate Shane Warne says the new “food trough” at selected McDonalds restaurants is “a brainwave”.

However, proponents for the trial have come out of the woodwork with cricketing legend Shane Warne lending his name to the new proposal – saying it’s “a brainwave”.

“I like my McDonald’s like I like my women. A quick in and out, a little bit greasy and three times a week,” says the former spin bowler.

“I’m definitely going to be trough-ing out very soon.”





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