Clementine Ford Is Going To Know About Local Man’s Bad Day

It all started with his boss rousing on him for not meeting his sales numbers this month in his roles as a telemarketer for Sanderson Printing.

Clementine Ford Is Going To Know About Local Man’s Bad Day

8 December, 2015 17:05


31-year-old local man, Mick Rolan, has had a fucking terrible day.

It all started with his boss rousing on him for not meeting his sales numbers this month in his roles as a telemarketer for Sanderson Printing.

At lunch-time he decided to treat himself to a Pad Thai at the local oriental restaurant next door to his office.

Unfortunately, in an effort to avoid running into his “bitch of a boss” – he tripped while rushing up the fire exit. This resulted in his $14.00 lunch being sprawled down three flights of stairs and him having to limp back to his desk, without it.

Just before knock-off, Mick received a call from his boss. She said she knew it was him that had made the mess in the fire exit and he was going to have to clean it up before going home.

After three inspections, his boss was finally satisfied with his job of removing the pad thai chicken. This was at 6pm, which meant the next bus out of the city wasn’t going to be arriving until closer to seven.

As a single 30-something returning home to an empty and unkept suburban townhouse, Mick Rolan doesn’t have access to the same support networks as other men.

He has no wife or girlfriend to talk about his frustrations that come with being somewhat of an underachieving middle aged man.

Mick is a part of a growing community of single Australian men who, due to lack of human contact, are taking to social media to find a sense of camaraderie and self-worth.

For several weeks now, Mick has subscribed to the online community based around Clementine Ford, a freelance Australian writer, broadcaster and public speaker who has a reputation for her strong views and opinions on feminism.

Mick says the first time he called Clementine Ford a slut, he noticed an almost instantaneous spring in his step.

“It was like a lightbulb moment,” says Rolan, who shares his two bedroom home with a FIFO construction worker who he never sees.

“I realised then and there that I didn’t need to boil up on the things that happen at work, the things I can’t change. There’s plenty of ways to deal with my frustrations outside of it all”

“First it was just a few kitchen jokes and a bit of slut shaming. But I was instantly hooked! After about a week I really started opening up on her,”

Mr Rolan says his insults went from sexual remarks and run-of-the-mill sexism, to full blown misogynistic threats of murder and rape.

“I’m just really glad I’ve found this community”

“It’s been great to just come home and have a flutter on her Facebook page and say what I want to say. Some of the guys I’ve met through there are great. Real good guys,”

“It’s not so much about letting her know that I disagree with her opinions, it’s more about making her feel unsafe in her own home,”






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