Halal-style slaughter of alpaca lands outback brothers in hot water

Halal-style slaughter of alpaca lands outback brothers in hot water

20 September, 2015. 12:35


[dropcap]T[/dropcap]WO MOLONG BROTHERS have been found not guilty after the pair were caught slaughtering an alpaca in their Bondi apartment. On May 2 this year, James “Jimmy” Slanger, 21, and his brother Herbert were referred to police by the RSPCA as their neighbours raised concerns about the alpaca’s welfare.

Police were called to the Eastern Suburbs apartment the brothers are renting after the alleged slaughter went pear-shaped.

Lawyers for the pair were able to successfully defend their animal cruelty charges, saying the slaughter was “Halal-style” and was performed within traditional Islamic guidelines.

The pair appeared in Waverley Local Court today. PHOTO: Wentworth-Courier
The pair appeared in Waverley Local Court. PHOTO: Wentworth-Courier

However, what the duo told Waverley Local Court shocked their local community.

“We got the fucking alpaca on Gumtree, for about $100. Some bloke out at Richmond,” said James Slanger. “That was the easy part. Getting it up two flights of stairs was the hardest thing – Herb and I pretty much had to skull-drag the cunt up,”

“Alpacas get real stroppy real quick. Cunt of the thing we sour on us big time.”

The court heard that once the brothers got the alpaca into their apartment, things started to go horribly wrong.

“Neither of us had any experience butchering alpacas,” said Herbert Slanger. “We thought it’d be like cutting up a big wether but we were wrong. It was much stronger than a sheep,”

“Somebody down at the pub said we could legally do it if we Halal slaughtered it. It sounded like a good idea in theory.”

Once the boys got the alpaca in to the bathtub, Jimmy allegedly stabbed the alpaca in the side of the neck with a 12-cm steak knife to try to sever an artery.

Jimmy then panicked and stabbed the animal upwards of 19 times in the throat in a frenzied attack, all while his brother looked on in horror.

The alpaca began thrashing out widely as it ran out of the bathroom, bleeding heavily from the 19 neck wounds. Investigators said most, if not all of the apartment’s interior was covered in the animal’s blood.

The inside of the apartment has shocked police and investigators. PHOTO: Wentworth-Courier
The inside of the apartment has shocked police and investigators. PHOTO: Wentworth-Courier

Neighbours told police that the noise coming from the Slingers two-bedroom flat was deafening after the distressed animal began charging around the apartment.

“We tried to put it out of its misery, but it spat at us and tried to kick us if we came near it,” said Jimmy. “After a while, it got weaker and weaker to the point where Herb was able to finish it off with a ball-point hammer,”

“It finally died about half an hour later – so we dragged it back into the bathtub and started butchering it up.”

The brothers revealed that they planned to dispose of the carcass in the middle of the night by dumping it in the harbour.

However, the biggest issue that the pair are facing now is the cleanup and possible fines.

“All the furniture and carpet needs to go. That’ll cost $20k. I don’t even have enough money to feed myself – that’s why we got the alpaca in the first place.” said Mr Slanger.

James and Herbert Slanger say they will not be slaughtering any more animals in their apartment.


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  1. Kate   September 21, 2015 at 1:00 am

    If they dont get charged big for this then there is no reason having a court there .

  2. Jon   September 21, 2015 at 2:15 pm

    I don’t believe this. It’s a con, a funny one though.


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