Farmer’s son doesn’t like Bob Dylan despite driving his header for 10 years

He's calling him home to put it in the ground now, just a small dose of what's to behold when he gets it out.

Farmer’s son doesn’t like Bob Dylan despite driving his header for 10 years

6 May, 2016. 9:45

KEVIN DANIELS | Editor-at-large | Contact

EACH SCHOOL HOLIDAYS HE’S sowed more acres than an idle townie drunk – he’s more trusted than even the most experience Irish backpacker.

He’s a farmer’s son.

When the eventual heralding happens around the start of Easter of the great Summer Holidays, he’ll find and excuse to stay down in the warm country – an exam there, a race meet there.

Weak as piss, says Pilliga grazier Liam Cumbey.

“I don’t really like Bob Dylan, despite Dad’s best efforts to jam him down our throats,” says the 27-year-old sparky.

“But the old man always has a Bobby D tape jammed in any bit of machinery he owns with a tape deck. ”

“That’s why I’m hesitant to go home unless he has an AUX hole in the new Hilux. Then I can get a bit dank listening to some V A P O U R W A V E aesthetic mixes like Vektroid. Herrrrrr.”

But Cumbey left us with an immortal question that he’d reckon many had been afforded time and time before.

“Had you ever ploughed a paddock listening to some live Bob Dylan? Like the 1976 classic ‘Hard Rain’ released after a three-day weekend in Texas?”

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