Casual misogynist still laughs at video of Julia Gillard falling over

"I'm glad I can say it's a pissa now without blokes thinking less of me," he said.

Casual misogynist still laughs at video of Julia Gillard falling over

12 September, 2016. 13:24

ERROL PARKER | Editor-at-large | Contact

A LOCAL ROOFER has today announced to close friends and family that he still watches and enjoys the footage of former prime minister Julia Gillard falling flat on her face during a state visit to India in 2012.

After coming out as this morning as a casual misogynist, Peter Godwin (44) said that the short video of Ms Gillard tripping over was one of the funniest things he’s ever seen – and now the Upper Coomera car salesman proud to say it aloud.

“As if it’s not hilarious, she goes down harder than a NSW fullback falling under Gordon Tallis,” he said.

The video in question of Julia Gillard falling over SOURCE: The Telegraph


“For the past four years, I’ve had to bite my tongue and say things like, ‘gosh, hope she was all right?!’ and ‘that’s terrible that people are making fun of her,’ which just isn’t me. It was funny, which makes me a misogynist. I’m OK with that label now,”

“But she was all good in the end, it wasn’t like she got up and her arm was flopping around in two pieces. And it was grass, too. The worse thing that could’ve happened would be for her to get hurt, I’m not a sadist.” he explained.

Now living a free life without the guilt of being a closeted misanthrope, Godwin says he plans to take his commitment to the cause much more seriously, now that he’s out.

In the coming weeks, he plans to attend a local men’s rights meeting in his local area – the stunning transit corridor between Loganholme and the Gold Coast.


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