Aussie Backpacker Honours ANZAC Legend by Contracting Chlamydia in Egyptian Brothel

Aussie Backpacker Honours ANZAC Legend by Contracting Chlamydia in Egyptian Brothel

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Ryan Madison, 19, has paid tribute to his great-grandfather’s service in WW1 by contracting chlamydia in an Egyptian brothel.

Madison, whose great-grandfather Arnold fought with the famous Light Horse Brigade at Gallipoli and the Somme, is trying to relive his ancestor’s journey through WW1.

“I never met my great-granddad but I know he was a hero because he was at Gallipoli at my age, where he lost two brothers and a childhood friend,” explains the young traveller, “I will never know the horrors of war, but I thought I could retrace his journey, and relive a bit of his past experiences.”

Arnold Madison was 17 when he signed up and was stationed in Egypt shortly before the Gallipoli campaign began.

“From his letters and extensive photograph collection I learned that Arnold was fond of Mediterranean women,” explains Bill.

“I think that was before he married my nanna… I think. Anyway… he fought the entire war while suffering from the dreaded clap,”

“He was never recognised for his valiant efforts to keep fighting while his dick felt like it had tinea. The amount of pencillin they needed to fix him up was very telling of just how much he must have suffered,”

This is just one of the many difficulties that Bill has encountered while retracing his heritage, “I think back then it was much easier to find someone with Chlamydia. Not that it’s impossible now, I just feel I had to work a bit harder than Arnold ever did.”

Does Bill Madison feel as though he’s captured the essence of his great-grandfather’s ANAC spirit?

“Definitely. I feel that by frequenting Egyptian brothels, I’ve come closer to understanding the ANZAC legend.”