Mate at the pub pulls a ‘haka face’ when asked if he wants another schooner

"Ka mate, ka mate! ka ora! ka ora! Get me another beer!" he said.

Mate at the pub pulls a ‘haka face’ when asked if he wants another schooner

16 March, 2017. 13:23

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As a quiet afternoon schon with the fellas descends into seven with talk of a cheeky mid-autumn night’s bag, a happy-go-lucky South Betoota man pulled a ‘haka face’ last night when asked if he’d like another beer.

Speaking candidly to The Advocate this morning, with a sore head, Dennis Leary said that with each beer he poured into himself last night, the funnier he got.

“Oi when Bretto asked if I wanted another Betoota Bitter,” said the 24-year-old welder. “I just pulled a haka face, similar to what you’d see if you’re watching some rugby yawnion and the All Blecks are playing – and he knew exactly what I mean.”

“Poking out my tongue and opening my eyes as wide as they can go, making those crude guttural noises while trying to whisper that spooky Maori language. He just laughed and knew he had to get us a jug of the good stuff.”

However, that’s one of the last things the saucy Sagittarius remembers from last night.

To fill in the gaps and echoed the sentiment that it was a great night out, Betoota Hotel manager Jock Campbell said that the fellas in question carried on a bit – but boys will be boys.

“Yeah look, one of them came to the bar and tried to order in Maori,” said Jock.

“That was weird. It’s pretty weird because Dennis, that cunt we were talking about earlier, can speak fluent Fijian after about 10 pints. He’s a loose bit of gear, that bastard. He’s stripped down and flopped around on the floor before, fuck he was high school drunk that night. Glad we didn’t have the cops to a walk-through that night,”

“I would’ve got the baton that night, that’s for sure.”

More to come.

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