Local shirt passes sniff test for the third time

Local shirt passes sniff test for the third time

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Meeting his mother for Sunday brunch this morning, Tom Priest knew he had to look his best.

Otherwise his ageing mother Bridgette would grow concerned about where his life is heading, seeing as though her 28-year-old can’t even be trusted to launder his own clothes.

However, the planets aligned for East Betootanese real estate agent.

“I mustn’t have been out drinking in this cheeky blue number,” said Tom after he gave the Tarocash shirt a full Troy Buswell.

“It barely smells at all. Provided I don’t need to hug anybody, I should be able to get away with it. That’s winter for you, I guess. As long as you’re not a pig and spill a bit of lunch on it, then you should be able to wear it for a few days,”

“Unless you have peasant, pleb DNA running through your veins and you sweat too much.”

But Bridgette did notice that it wasn’t the first time Tom had worn that shirt this week.

Speaking to The Advocate a short time ago over a wooden Chardonnay on the rocks, the semi-retired air traffic controller said that she often notices that her son is ‘barely keeping all his ducks in the same basket’ – but ultimately chooses not to say anything.

“I drop hints like, ‘The best cologne¬†a young man can wear is a freshly-laundered shirt and brushed teeth,” said Bridgette.

“But still, he seems to have as much pride in his appearance as Chris Farley had. God rest his soul. Oh well,”

“He’s a good boy. He just needs to stop quoting Shrek when girls his age are around. But we’ll fix the laundry issue first.”

More to come.



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