Wally Lewis Statue To Remain Despite Uproar Over The Horrific Things He Did To NSW

Wally Lewis Statue To Remain Despite Uproar Over The Horrific Things He Did To NSW


The Wally Lewis statue is the newest historical monument to be scrutinised today – as the American debate about glorifying unsavoury historical figures in bronze and stone statues makes it’s way to Australian soil.

Activists say that the oppression and torture of New South Wales football fans should not be glorified on the steps of one of Australia’s most visited entertainment precincts.

“There has been a culture of abuse and mistreatment of both blues players and players in general since the days of Wally Lewis” said Gus Gould.

“Some of the things this man did to New South Wales in interstate football is absolutely abhorrent”

“It’s not about erasing history, it’s about showing respect to a team that is obviously hurting a bit after 11 losses in 12 years”

In the 1980s Brisbane rugby league icon Wally Lewis became known as The Emperor of Lang Park – and later simply The King – after his performances in State of Origin matches played at the ground he is now immortalised at.

The most recent uproar about the Lewis statue follows a series of debates that come after vandals spray prainted the Sydney Hyde Park statue of Captain Cook, following Stan Grant’s comments that he should not be recognised as someone who ‘discovered’ Australia.

Prominent Australian artist Ben Quilty has called for John ‘The Founder of Melbourne’ Batman’s statue to be removed from Melbourne’s CBD, describing him as a mass murderer who “makes the American Confederates look friendly”.

Others have suggested that all tributes to Governer Macquarie should be altered to point out that while he was instrumental in Australian colonialism, he also used to like throwing people off cliffs.

However, when it comes to the statue of the first King Of Queensland, both sides of Queensland politics have declared anyone who attempts to vandalise or remove the statue will be shot in the head by a high powered sniper rifle currently mounted on top of the Milton Brewery.

“Just try it” said Deputy Premier Jackie Trad.

“You’ll end up strewn across Caxton Street like confetti during the Seafood Festival”

“One of the barmen at Lefty’s found a foot outside their venue a few months back during Origin – these cockroaches never learn”

Brisbane mayor Graham Quirk also says he agrees with the state government’s plans to shoot anyone who attempts to do anything to the statue of The King

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