Teaching Staff Blown Away By How Well Kid From Broken Home Scrubbed Up For School Formal

Teaching Staff Blown Away By How Well Kid From Broken Home Scrubbed Up For School Formal


A student who will be either be incarcerated soon after graduation or throwing shit into skip bins for the rest of his life has scrubbed up quite nicely tonight, according to the kind-hearted teachers who haven’t given up on him yet.

Local delinquent, Jayden Bostock (17) has impressed even some of the crueler netball chicks with his neat haircut paired with a new gun metal grey and black three-piece at tonight’s school formal.

“Hello Jayden, and aren’t you looking handsome!” says Mrs Bodie, the elderly receptionist from the principal’s office.

“I wouldn’t have recognized you in the street!”

Jayden, who is absolutely cherishing every single compliment being directed his way by the last few adults that haven’t let him down in his life, holds a tough face and refuses to blush.

Several of the popular girls, who always wrote Jayden off as a bit of a houso bogan, are also beginning to contemplate the idea of going out with a bad boy.

“Stacey says you look good tonight” says Bella, who is currently playing the role of manager to her extremely dolled up girlfriends, some of whom have even gotten lip injections for the night.

It would appear that the rare opportunity to dress like someone who doesn’t come from a broken and violent household is having a positive effect on Mr Bostock’s behaviour throughout the evening, as the novice car thief decides against joining the other boys who have managed to sneak a couple flasks of rum into the event.

“Can I help with anything?” he asks the year 12 coordinator, Ms Daley, who nearly faints at the heartbreaking look of excitement in his eyes.

“No. Everything is under control Jayden. Thank you for offering, though. Enjoy your night”

However, despite the whirlwind of whispers about the ‘new and improved Jayden’ from teaching staff – it would seem the at-risk teenager’s amazing turn-around is only to be short lived – after he overhears one of the male PE teachers sniggering at his attempts to dress up.

Jayden’s behaviour changes dramatically as his mortal enemy, Mr Birmingham, makes a crack at how he must have an upcoming court date if he’s getting around in a suit that sharp.

The evening ends with a wooden chair being shattered across the back of one of the overzealous rugby boys after Jayden notices him looking at him funny.

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