Local Man Has To Make It Clear On First Date That He Can’t Be Trusted With Nudes

"Look, Ash is a nice guy. But he can't control that kind of stuff... It's really up to me,"

Local Man Has To Make It Clear On First Date That He Can’t Be Trusted With Nudes

23 August, 2016. 15:30

CLANCY OVERELL | Editor | Contact

Local man Kevin Frogmagnet (28) has made a point of telling his date that he can’t be trusted to not share nude photos – and that she should know the risks before she thinks about taking them, or allowing him to take them.

Shortly before the mains were served on their first date at Panchetta’s Italian, Kevin decided to clear the water and let Lauren know that he is just another red-blooded Aussie bloke – and that if a nude photo of her was to appear in his phone – he would have no option but to share it with his mates, colleagues, brothers, cousins and lesbian stepsister.

Lauren, a responsible and well-raised young Australian woman says she appreciates the forewarning and told Kevin to not worry, she understands the risks of trusting an Australian man who has an iPhone.

Speaking to The Betoota Advocate this morning, Lauren says Kevin is a true gentleman for letting her know that it’s probably not worth sending him spicy messages.

“It’s common sense really,” she says.

“Anything could happen to those photos once they are in his phone – that’s if I find myself trusting him enough to allow him to have access to extremely intimate and personal photographs,”

“I read enough news to know that if a photo of me gets sent around like wildfire, then it’s no ones fault except mine”

“Look, Kevin is a nice guy. But he can’t control that kind of stuff… It’s really up to me,”