Local Divorcee Falls In Love With First Woman He Makes Eye Contact With In Pattaya

Local Divorcee Falls In Love With First Woman He Makes Eye Contact With In Pattaya

16 October 2016. 15:25


Shortly after touching down in Pattaya for his first ever “solo’ trip to French-Indo-China”, Steve Clarke has fallen in love again.

The 52 year old, a shift supervisor at the mines in Mt Isa went to Thailand on his holiday for some rest and relaxation, but may be leaving with much more.

The divorcee dad from Ipswich, who after several years of attempting internet dating had almost given up on finding romance again, has been swept of his feet by the lovely Chailai Srisati.

They meet at a bar on the famous beach, and the sparks flew.

Fun, bubbly and “incredibly caring” 27 year old Chailai and Mr Clarke seem to have hit it off incredibly.

“We have such a strong emotional relationship already. Honestly, I tell you I am almost certain this is the real deal,” he explained.

Aside from the incredibly cheap beer and the “lifestyle” that the Australian dollar can buy, Mr Clarke told us that he is also in love with the Thai culture.

However, the final week of his holiday is looking to include some difficult conversations about his future with Chailai.

“Our bond is so strong, that I know if I go back home we can still chat on the internet every day. I’ve suggested the idea of her potentially moving back over with me, and she seemed too really like that,” Mr Clarke said.

His son, Rob rolled his eyes when asked about his father’s new relationship, “Jesus Christ, it’s so pathetic isn’t it.”

“He full on thinks it’s legit as well. I can’t wait to see mums face if he brings her over here though”

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