Local Dad Mercilessly Heckles Hungover Waiter During Family Breakfast

"Jesus! What time did you finish up last night?!"

Local Dad Mercilessly Heckles Hungover Waiter During Family Breakfast

20 July, 2016 14:45


Local Dad Ken Gillespie (59) is really enjoying giving it to the hungover waiter at a family breakfast this morning, it has been confirmed.

While celebrating his daughter’s 23rd birthday at a prominent inner-city cafe, Mr Gillespie was quick to notice that the young bloke serving them was a little discoloured in the skin and still smelt a little bit like the vodka sunrises he was drinking all night.

“Have a big one last, mate!?” says Gillespie, as his wife begins pinching his upper under the table, out of fear that he will take it too far.

“Jeez you look like you did a job of it [laughter]”

The waiter Sam Patinson (19) joins him for a guarded chuckle, secretly hoping his boss doesn’t overhear the exchange.

“No, no” says Sam.

“Just been flat out with Uni, so I’m a bit tired I guess”

Gillespie returns.

“Flat out with Uni? More like flat on your arse in the Uni Bar ha ha ha” the entire Gillespie family are now exchanging looks of sympathy with Sam, while their patriarch continues to mercilessly heckle him.

“I hope it doesn’t look that way” says Sam, before making the biggest mistake of his hospitality career by tripping over a nearby chair and spilling a boiling hot long black down his apron.

“ha ha ha ha ha!” roars Gillespie, ignoring the fact that the coffee was meant for his wife.

“Jesus! What time did you finish up last night?!”

“[laughter] he’s still pissed! Have a go at him!”

Sam the waiter is now forced to admit his guilt and informs Mr Gillespie just how bad of shape he is in.

“I did my last pinger an hour and a half ago [winks]”


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