Karl Stefanovic Releases New Line Of Swimwear: The Logie Smugglers

"This is my cash cow!"

Karl Stefanovic Releases New Line Of Swimwear: The Logie Smugglers

5 February, 2016. 11:05


Media icon and hedonistic functional alcoholic, Karl Stefanovic, has revealed his newest business venture on breakfast television this morning: The Logie Smugglers.

In what can only be described as a blatant conflict of interest and a shameless promotion of his own brand, the Today Show Co-Host debuted his new line of male swimmers on-air shortly before selling out all sizes between XL – 4XL.

“It’s always great to give back to my fans,” says the career journalist.

“I can’t think of a better way to say thank you than by putting my face all over their crotch,”

The new line of male “banana hammocks” – made in partnership with iconic swimwear label, Budgy Smuggler – spells Karl Stefanovic’s third entrepreneurial side-project, outside of breakfast television.

“After my personalised dating app (Karl’s Matchmaker) failed, I was a bit rattled by the business world – that whole thing went pear-shaped around the same time as my pub in Punchbowl closed its doors. My mates and I drank that place dry, the fact that we didn’t have a kitchen in the thing didn’t help,”

“But the Logie Smugglers, mate. They are a big hit. This is my cash cow!”

Mr Stefanovic, who once worked as a cadet journalist at The Advocate, says the fact that the dick stickers are Australian-made should be enough for anyone. Let alone the fact that they “are plastered with his handsome mug”.

Budgy Smuggler is an all-Australian brand, and I’m an all-Australian man. I look forward to seeing these things being eaten up by ‘dadbods’ right across our nation’s beaches!”

Karl joins a long list of high-profile men who claim allegiance to the dick-sticker style of male swimwear, namely Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama who have both been pictured in the iconic Australian brand over the last year.

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