Hungover Woman Had Her Drink Spiked I Swear

"We didn't even get a cheese platter"

Hungover Woman Had Her Drink Spiked I Swear

19 January, 2016 09:35


While struggling to see out of her dehydrated eyes, local woman Christina Steers says she made several mistakes last night.

“I don’t often drink like that on a weeknight,” says Christina who can’t yet tell if she wants to eat something or wants to vomit up the stewing remnants of last night’s recklessness.

While Christina prepares herself for the laborious task of having hot water spat onto her fragile naked body from the roof of her bathroom, she says it is such a shame that she is now this hungover before a day of work, and that she regrets the fact that, with a little organisation, this Friday morning setback could have been avoiding completely.

“All I needed to do was eat something,” she says while trying to remove the bobby pins still lodged against her skull.

“… But I got too caught up at work drinks,”

Christina began her session at a local bar in the CBD, alongside fellow female coworkers from her current job in finance management.

Between four of them, eight bottles of Wolfblass Blend were consumed with ease, that equates to two bottles per staff member.

“That was just the start of it. We didn’t even get a cheese platter… There was no mucking around.

“We were actually getting very caught up in bitching about our boss, next thing I know I am late for dinner,”

“I swear my drink got spiked,” she says.

“either that or food poisoning”

Christina says after leaving work drinks at 8:00pm, she had already missed the start of a group dinner with old school friends at the other side of town.

“By the time I got there, they were already being served. So I just lied and said I had eaten earlier…”

“I had nothing to do but drink,”

Now running 45 minutes late for work, Christina says today is going to be one of the tougher ones, right up until her boss announces staff drinks at 3pm.

“Well considering how late I am already, I’m probably not gonna have time for lunch today,”



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  1. Geoffro   February 22, 2016 at 4:52 pm

    Piss weak. Only 2 bottles each? I could do 4 and get to work by 10am. Easy mate.


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