ELECTION 2016: Bill Shorten Says Turnbull Has Anova Fing Coming

"We also haf an issue wif the Coalition's policies surrounding negatif gearing".

ELECTION 2016: Bill Shorten Says Turnbull Has Anova Fing Coming

25 June, 2016 11:15


Earlier this month the Coalition government slipped behind Labor for the first time since Malcolm Turnbull replaced Tony Abbott,  according to the latest Fairfax-Ipsos poll.

But while the numbers suggest that 55 per cent of voters expect the Coalition to survive, 75 per cent of respondents say they will make their decision on policy rather than leadership performance.

Speaking to The Betoota Advocate today, leader of the opposition Bill Shorten MP says the Malcolm Turnbull and the Coalition have should expect ‘anova surge in the Labor party’s popularity’ and that the Prime Minister isn’t looking at the ‘fings that concern voters’.

“Turnbull has anova fing coming if he plans to make even the slightest changes to Medicare,”

“Labor is outspoken in our opposition to the prifatision of Medicare,”

“We also haf an issue wif the Coalition’s policies surrounding negatif gearing”.

Malcolm Turnbull has responded to Shorten’s comments by pointing out that until the ALP leader has been briefed on how to pronounce the letter ‘H’ – he is in now way ready to lead the country.

“He needs to work on his anun-see-ay-shans” said Turnbull in a regal Eastern Suburbs drawl.

“Its ‘aitch’ not ‘haytch’ William.”


One Response to "ELECTION 2016: Bill Shorten Says Turnbull Has Anova Fing Coming"

  1. Chuck   June 30, 2016 at 7:26 pm

    Shorten’s time is nearly up as an opposition leader as he will be defeated on saturday’s election in a similiar margin to the last election.


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