Dan Bilzerian opens up about his crippling “mummy issues”

Dan Bilzerian opens up about his crippling “mummy issues”

14 March, 2015 12:38

DARRYL SEYMOUR | Gossip Guru | [email protected]

I inherited all my money, this life I live is actually quite a hollow existence.

Young men around the world worship Dan Bilzerian and it is no surprise. He’s a social media celebrity that lives an enviable life. He is a high-stakes gambler who drives an Italian supercar with a license plate that reads SUCK IT. He is an occasional extra for blockbuster action movies, he is a gun enthusiast. He is a playboy.

Dan Bilzerian with close friend, DJ Steve Aoki. As well as some hot chicks.
Dan Bilzerian with close friend, DJ Steve Aoki. As well as some hot chicks.

Bilzerian’s lifestyle is machismo-fueled and extravagant, he sleeps with different beautiful women every night. He flies said women around the world to different countries and makes them eat dinner off plastic plates.

Dan Bilzerian is the man. Just ask his millions of admirers who follow every minute of his well-documented life.

But what many don’t know about Mr Bilzerian is that he doesn’t see himself the same way they do.

They don’t know that while it looks like he is a ‘player’… Dan Bilzerian isn’t having fun.

Behind the glamour, the sports cars, the automatic weapons, the celebrity friends and the ‘healthy’ sex life… is a sad little man. A man looking for love. A man that has been emotionally damaged by a life of entitlement and a distant mother. The Betoota Advocate spoke to the man himself over the weekend and learned a lot of things about him. Things we don’t see on Instagram or Twitter.

Dan Bilzerian with his 'friends' - girls who walk the line between groupies and escorts.
Dan Bilzerian with his ‘friends’ – girls who walk the line between groupies and escorts.

Dan Bilzerian was born in Tampa, Florida to Paul Bilzerian and Terri Steffen. A father who made a career out of stripping people of their worth, a corporate takeover specialist who served time for securities and tax law violations for majority of his sons life.

Dan told us about the dynamic in his household as a kid with a single mum and his brother Adam.

“I was so fucking fat. Our family was rich as hell because my dad was a fraud, he went to jail but we stayed rich… sometime I think my mum may as well have been in jail too… she was there, but she wasn’t there for us,”

Like his friends and fellow ‘famous for being famous’ celebrities, the Kardashians, Dan Bilzerian’s family originally come from humble beginnings as Armenian immigrants. His father, having lived what Dan describes as a “shitty poor person’s life” in south Florida, wanted to make sure his sons never had to the same.

Unfortunately, after his service in Vietnam and a lucrative career in business… he went too far. Paul Bilzerian was incarcerated for ten years between the 1992 and 2002.

Like his father, Dan Bilzerian is a 4-year military veteran. He enlisted in the Navy in 1999 and states that he was kicked out of SEAL training two days before graduation. After his military career, Bilzerian enrolled at the University of Florida, majoring in Business and Criminology.

I wanted to be a cop, I wanted to do good in the world… but I was just so fucked up from living such a hard life with a mum who wasn’t there. No dad. Just nanny’s and shit. I never knew how to love.

“Now I just fill the gaps in my life with strippers, blow and fast cars. I am so god-damn unhappy. Not like depressed or anything… just unhappy. If I didn’t have these girls with me each night I would cry myself to sleep. I fucking love my cat, at least I know she’ll never leave.”

dan guns

Dan loves gambling too. It’s something he feels he has more control over than the people who are supposed to love him.

He tells us he would rather bet $2 million dollars in a game of poker than to put his feelings on the line for a girl who could just leave him any minute like his mother did.

He is also very concerned about his image. He is distraught about the “asshole” brand, although that’s how he describes himself in his Twitter bio. He wants to make people happy, he admits that sometimes he plays up to the asshole thing but really he wants to be remembered as the “Gentleman of Poker.” He wants to watch movies, meet girls and even use his riches to do some good in the world.

I don’t come from your average family, I only found out like two years ago that you could give money to charity. Philanthropy is something I want to get into. I love sci-fi and fantasy. I am just not that confident in myself. I would be happy to be left alone with my video games and guns.

“I can’t see myself ever getting married. It’s not that I enjoy the bachelor life that much… I actually hate the playboy shit. I just know that with these girls, I can expect them to leave. They stay for as long as I pay them. I could never put my heart on the line I dont think,”

Dan and his cat, Sarah. The only women he knows will never let him down.
Dan and his cat, Sarah. The only women he knows will never let him down.

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