Bloke Who’s Been Living In Byron Interrupts Conversation To Say He’s Met Angus Stone

Bloke Who’s Been Living In Byron Interrupts Conversation To Say He’s Met Angus Stone


A born and bred Brisbane boy has returned home to the rugby league heartland of Caxton street this weekend with a new and improved Byron Bay fashion sense, it has been confirmed.

The bloke, formally known as Diamond Dick Mick, came back for another mates bucks party, only to show up wearing a weird ‘fiddler hat’ – and not offering up any explanation as to why he was wearing it indoors at the euphoric Caxton Hotel.

Diamond Dick Mick, who apparently now prefers to go by the name of Michael, is still the same bloke – just with a new, seemingly unauthentic, chilled out persona – and weird interests.

Local mate, Jogga, who still remains in Brisbane – says he might have been able to pull the hat off if he wasn’t wearing a collarless grey Kashmir ‘sweater’.

“He actually referred to it as a sweater, he reckons” says Jogga.

“For one, it’s a jumper, and a weird looking one at that, and two, it’s fucking March”

“Two, he just interrupted a conversation about our mate’s sick grandmother to mention the fact that he met that bearded cunt from Angus and Julia Stone”

“What’s his name? Angus I think”

However, Michael* doesn’t think he’s changed much at all.

“Maaan, these guys are just so anti-living near the beach hey”

“So what, I surf now… Doesn’t make me that different hey”

“It could help them to get a bit of culture that doesn’t involve rugby league stats and tide maps”

Michael* says he received the most shit after revealing to his mates that he spent last weekend chained to a tree in the Northern Rivers hinterland, protesting the development of more homes for new people moving to Byron.

“They just don’t get it. People moving from the cities are ruining Byron”

Other man, Funky, says Diamond Dick Mick is just flat out pretending he didn’t use to be able to drink eighteen schooners of Betoota Bitter and then eat a whole shot glass.

“He used to be the biggest grub this side of the Toowoomba ranges” says Funky.

“I think he’s just trying to impress the birds with his new hippy persona”

“I’ve seen that bloke punch a cop out before in the middle of Coronation drive before swimming across the Brown Snake and hiding in the TAB at the Fox for two days”

“He’s a grub. They hat won’t hide it”


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