Betoota Advocate Teams Up With M.J Bale With New Range Of Outback Menswear

Poise From The Bush

Betoota Advocate Teams Up With M.J Bale With New Range Of Outback Menswear


The last few months have seen Australia’s oldest newspaper moving from strength to strength.

With the release of their first ever book, published via ABC BOOKS, hitting shelves three weeks ago, The Betoota Advocate has sold out of stock across all online retailers. This, as well as the imminent release of Australia’s first ever Outback craft beer, Betoota Bitter – which has already been reserved on hundreds of vacant taps in pubs across the nation.

It seems the world of media publishing have had to grit their teeth and acknowledge the relevance, presence, professionalism and diversity of Australia’s most read independent newspaper.

The Betoota Advocate’s editors, Errol Parker and Clancy Overell, have defied the politics and in-fighting of Australia’s news media landscape by landing themselves an invitation to the 2016 Walkley Gala on December 2nd.

This Derryn Hinch-inspired number is sure to make headlines wherever you go. With or without your first liver. PHOTO: Supplied.
This Derryn Hinch-inspired number is sure to make headlines wherever you go. With or without your first liver. PHOTO: Supplied.

Australian Journalism’s night of nights.

It is here, where they will be given a platform as special guest speakers to explain to rival publications and broadcasters why the current state of Australian journalism is laughable and out of touch.

But there was one problem. The dress code.

As career journalists, who before picking up the pen, had only ever worked as ringers and roo-shooters, Errol and Clancy have never been required to dress like a Sydney neurosurgeon does at his eldest daughter’s wedding.


Despite being told only Catholics and perverts own double-breasted suits, Errol was open minded enough to model one on the day. Clancy was blown away by seeing Martin Place for the first time. He hated it. PHOTO: Supplied.

So, working with our close friends at MJ Bale, The Betoota Advocate has developed their own range of Outback menswear, for both black tie and smart lounge attire.

The new line, titled Poise From The Bush will be available next week, but not before the editors debut the tropical tones and wind-eating linen at the Brisbane convention centre for the 2016 Walkleys.

Clancy and Errol flew in to sit down with GQ magazine in MJ Bale’s Sydney headquarters for a Q&A about their attitudes toward fashion in the mighty Diamantina Shire of Far-West Queensland.


Shrugging off suggestions that he looked like a Sheffield dive-bar bouncer, Clancy wasted no time finding the complimentary brown spirits on offer. PHOTO: Supplied.

1. Gents, you’re a long way from home. How are you finding the Big Smoke?

Errol: It’s always underwhelming. You’d think with 6 million people we’d be able to find a pub that has the backbone to play Kev Carmody.
Clancy: Yeah, the beach isn’t too bad to look at, but you can get all this and more in some of Queensland’s bigger centres like Roma or Toowoomba.

2. What was your first port of call when you hit Sydney?

Errol: Well, it’s usually the ABC. We like to go down there to rile up the Stone & Wood socialists. See if we can’t wrangle Tony Jones into joining us for a couple jars at the Lord Wolsley. We’ve got a lot of friends down here, but some don’t like to be seen with us.

3. We know that Melbourne sees itself, whether rightly or wrongly, as Australia’s cultural hub. Your town of Betoota on the edge of the Simpson Desert has a racetrack and a pub. But there’s a lot more to Betoota than just that, right?

Clancy: You could say that, but what more would you want?
I don’t think Melbourne should be celebrating too much. If we’ve learnt anything from the wussy southern football code, it’s that Victorians literally boo at culture when it is presented in front of them.

4. Boys, let’s go deep now and talk about the clothes. What was going through your minds working with the designers at MJ Bale

Errol: Well, honestly, it’s calling on all aspects of life far from the seaside, this range is inspired by the sweeping arid plains and vapid horizons that seem endless.
It’s a carefree fit that sits and rides likes the first stiff breeze of the desert winter. When others fall short, the Betoota collection from MJ Bale rises above without question. A true standalone product that’s the honey inside the MJ Bale honeycomb.
Speaking to the acting editor Wendell Hussey back in Betoota, they couldn’t get reception on their sat phone in Martin Place. Too built-up reckoned Clancy. PHOTO: Supplied.


5. Right. Well, can you please finish these sentences for me: clothes maketh the…

Clancy: The court appearance

6. Fashion fades, but style is…

Errol: Cyclical. Corduroy will be back in a big way.

7. Let’s do a little style word association. First thing that pops into your head when I call out these names:

– M.J. Bale
– Tom Ford
– Yves Saint Laurent
– Coco Chanel
Clancy: Is it just me or does that name sound more like it should belong to a Kiwi RnB singer? Doesn’t sound French.
– Santa Claus
Errol: Redundant. I say that because he doesn’t come out our way too much. We have a big problem with youth crime.
– Barnaby Joyce
Poise From The Bush: Clancy (left) and Errol (right) show off the Betoota-inspired clothing r
Poise From The Bush: Clancy (left) and Errol (right) show off the Betoota-inspired clothing while down in Sydney last week. PHOTO: Supplied.
8. Lastly, what in your own words makes a gentleman? Is it about opening the car door for a woman or ripping the top off the tinny before she has to ask you?
Clancy: Back in the day we would have gone with the Chivalry.
Walking on the curbside of the footpath, opening doors for women. All of that. But it’s 2016 and Donald Trump just got elected… So nowadays you don’t have to do much to be considered a gentleman. It’s all about what you wear.
Errol: And what you drive
If you are interested in dressing like our editors, please make your way to for a journey into the wild, wild west. Poise from the bush.

3 Responses to "Betoota Advocate Teams Up With M.J Bale With New Range Of Outback Menswear"

  1. Robo   December 3, 2016 at 1:31 am

    Very nice. Not over-ridingly bucolic – your faces are enough. Banjo Patterson would approve. Not sure about the blue shirt. Like to see some outback ochre colours the local boys painted with before the Christians arrived to rape their women and destroy their culture.

  2. Peter Hamilton   December 3, 2016 at 9:55 pm

    Being a Scot, still living in the outback (The Borders), if you could change the Akubra for a bunnet or deer stalker, the skinny jeans for plus fours and the ponsy jackets for a nice tweed shooting jacket, you would be right on the money. Apart from that. Spot on.

  3. Bwyan   December 17, 2016 at 12:21 am

    The Beau Brummels of the Bush …! (What was that about ripping the tops off women and opening car doors for a tinny?)


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