A Royal Blind Date – “I thought she was the chick from 50 Shades Of Grey”

A Royal Blind Date – “I thought she was the chick from 50 Shades Of Grey”

22 February, 2015. 17:00

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Love-struck women all over the world might once again have their hopes dashed after rumours that Prince Harry might be dating former Harry Potter star Emma Watson surfaced.

Twitter was awash with chatter about the possible union with millions of lonely fans across both the UK and greater commonwealth, adding commentary on social media.

If Prince Harry and Emma Wason marry and have a son, their child would be a Half-Blood Prince

Prince Harry is reportedly ‘smitten’ with Watson. But it is the circumstances in which they met that are the most bizarre!

Prince Harry, the 'bad boy' of the Royal Family, is well-known for his partying and romancing
Prince Harry, the ‘bad boy’ of the Royal Family, is well-known for his partying and romancing

The firey royal has since spoken to The Betoota Advocate about the rumours and how he first met Ms Watson.

“I went and watched that 50 Shades Of Grey movie with the boys and was absolutely lovestruck with the chick in it (Dakota Johnson) – I just had to have her”

“Anyway… as a royal, I often have the opportunity to have dates arranged for me. So when I see a hot chick I just tell one of my staffers to line it up,”

“Only this time my mate got confused,”

I said to my “Get me a date with that chick from the film about the fucked up dude who has that dark side to him”… you know that, that emotionally detached guy with all the cool shit (Christian Grey)”

This appears to be where the mix-up occurred. Prince Harry’s celebrity-minder assumed he was talking about Daniel Radcliffe’s character, Harry Potter.

“All of a sudden I am at dinner with the wrong chick”

“It wasn’t that bad. She was really hot and we developed a connection on the spot!”


“…But she wasn’t too keen on the bondage shit when I brought it up. Apparently she does heaps of feminism shit in her free time.”

The old tradition of “royals marrying royals”, broken by his brother Prince William for marrying commoner Kate Middleton, might be reinstated after fans called Ms Watson “royalty”.

Her “royal” status stemmed from her role as UN Women Goodwill Ambassador. Watson, who gained fame and fortune for playing the Harry Potter series’ child-witch Hermione Granger for 10 years, has been promoting girls’ education visiting Bangladesh and Zambia as part of her humanitarian efforts.

US Weekly reported the actress broke up with her rugby player boyfriend Matthew Janney in December after a year of dating. She previously dated her Brown University sweetheart Will Adamowicz. Prince Harry in the meantime was believed to be single, although he has been linked on and off with British celebrity Cressida Bonas.  

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