Petition Demands TODAY’s Charles Croucher Wear A Piano Key Necktie During Live Cross

Petition Demands TODAY’s Charles Croucher Wear A Piano Key Necktie During Live Cross

7 June, 2015. 11:34

CLANCY OVERELL | Editor | Contact

Channel Nine’s political reporter Charles Croucher is well known throughout Australia’s media landscape as ‘the first on the scene’ in regards to breaking #auspol news.

He was the first Australian journalist to tweet about the #libspill and also the first Betoota Advocate old boy to ever be allowed inside Parliament house.

However, what many people don’t know about “Television’s Mr Nice Guy” and our newspaper’s favourite ex-intern, is his sense of style and jovial disposition, something that has been communicated by the journalist’s die-hard supporters in the shape of a petition. (SEE BELOW).

In less than 12 hours, the petition, titled: TODAY’s Charles Croucher To Wear A Piano Key Necktie During Live Cross From Parliament – has garnered nearly 1000 signatures.

“Help us petition against Channel Nine’s Canberra correspondent and political news reporter, Charles Croucher’s blatant refusal to wear a piano key necktie during a live cross to the TODAY show.

Mr Croucher is well known in media and regional club rugby circles as a man of panache, style and charisma – it is a downright shame that he feels unable to express his true sense of fashion and fun through the harmless act of wearing a piano key necktie while reporting about the 2016 election from the lawns of Parliament House.

Infamously dubbed as “Television’s Mr Nice Guy” – we think that Charles Croucher should be able to show the world that he too deserves to be canonised in Australian Journalism history as the guy who wore a piano key necktie on the TODAY show.”

As close friend and mentor Laurie Oakes pointed in an interview with the Betoota Advocate yesterday, “If Charles were to wear a piano key necktie during a live cross from Canberra, it would be the most humanising thing Australian journalism has seen since Beaconsfield.”

“Fordham had Thredbo, Stefanovic had Childers, Croucher has the piano key necktie. This is his Walkley moment and I wish the very best to him”.

The necktie is the second round of media buzz that surrounds the former Central West NSW tighthead prop, just last week the TODAY show reporter made headlines on the campaign trail for his very-Grant-Hackett-esque, late night hotel fiasco, which saw ‘Crouch’ struggling to use a landline phone to order room service in his silk boxer shorts – luckily for him he was a long shot from the worst behaved that evening and hotel staff were more than happy to oblige his request of a triple cheeseburger on brioche.

If you would like to sign this petition to encourage a well-mannered professional to live out the Peacock-Moment he has always dreamed about. Please sign below:

Please. Let the caged bird sing.

Your sincerely,

Another close friend and mentor of Charles Croucher,

Clancy Overell

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