Pauline Hanson Chants Ancient German Hymn As Eyes Roll Back During Sunrise Interview

Pauline Hanson Chants Ancient German Hymn As Eyes Roll Back During Sunrise Interview

14 September, 2016. 14:45


The last remaining Australian breakfast TV audiences got to experience a new side to Pauline Hanson this morning, as Sunrise producers accidentally cut live to the One Nation senator several minutes earlier than she had expected.

The live-cross, which has happened every Wednesday morning since the Martin Place siege, was supposed to be a chance for the Senator to talk about Muslim migrants in her role as a Channel Seven’s terrorism expert – a title she has held ever since television producers decided she was worth giving a platform.

However before Sunrise co-host David Koch had even asked any questions about the social issues in suburbs she has never visited, Ms Hanson was caught off-guard and broadcasted live across the country without even knowing.

With her eyes rolled back in to her head. The footage shows the 62-year-old anti-multiculturalist chanting an ancient Germanic hymn while rabidly salivated from the mouth.

After close to a whole minute, the program cut to commercials and ‘Kochie’ was forced to apologise for the overly serious tone.

One Nation senator, Malcolm Roberts has today apologised on behalf of Pauline Hanson’s ‘weird and seemingly foreign behaviour’ but explained it is nothing more than a pre-interview warm-up ritual taught to the One Nation candidates by some elderly political activists within the far-right.

“Obviously, Pauline is very distressed about being caught off guard this morning, so she has asked me to apologise on her behalf,”

“The weird woggy stuff won’t happen again, but yes, it is a nod to some of our predecessors in the movement,”

However, Dr Brynn Dodson, a linguistic professor from Monash University says the chants coming from Pauline Hanson this morning appear to be a little more than harmless jibberish.

“We are trying our very best to decipher what she was singing about, before it gets laughed off as a Tony Abbott-style political gaffe,” he said.

“The first verse we heard definitely involves some sort of sacred oath to racial purity, but we aren’t sure about the rest at this point,”

“Also the fact that her eyes were rolled back and she was frothing from the mouth makes us think this was a bit more than an old family nursery rhyme,”

The interview has since been uploaded to the Sunrise Facebook page with additional commentary from David Koch as well as a Benny Hill theme sound bed. Facebook users are now commenting on how Pauline Hanson is one of the only politicians who says what they are all thinking.




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