Local Man Nervously Googles What A Senate Is

"I grew up in Queensland, mate" he says.

Local Man Nervously Googles What A Senate Is

1 July, 2016. 11:35

CLANCY OVERELL | Editor | Contact

Despite being 33-years-old with a both a high school and university education, local beverage sales manager, Rylie Beaton, still doesn’t know what the senate is – or what it does.

“I grew up in Queensland, mate” he says.

“We don’t really have a senate up there,”

Mr Beaton’s interest was sparked when he realised that he had seen at least sixteen different political parties campaigning in his local area – and thought surely there wasn’t that many people in his electorate campaigning for the one seat.

“All these political volunteers that have been hitting me up at the train station aren’t doing a very good job of explaining it to me – they are all cracked in the head mate. Apparently there’s two different types of government or something,”

With the election around the corner, Mr Beaton says he isn’t getting any closer to understanding this shit – even after six different Google searches.

“What’s with the Greens bloke (Richard Di Natale)… He’s in with this senate mob? What the fuck is the go there?”

“Why are there so many people down there in Canberra? What’s the difference?”

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  1. Right said Fred   July 4, 2016 at 12:53 pm

    Senate …. messy backyard !


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