Vatican Quietly Reminds Cardinal Pell That Snitches Get Stitches

The 74-year-old has been urged not to dog the boys and rat them out.

Vatican Quietly Reminds Cardinal Pell That Snitches Get Stitches

ERROL PARKER | Editor-at-large | Contact

A leaked internal memo from within the Vatican has outlined that Cardinal Pell will receive stitches should he choose to co-operate with authorities investigating child abuse in the Catholic church, particularly the allegations against him.

So far, Pell has made it emphatically clear that he will not be dogging the boys by breaking ranks to give some real evidence about a possible culture of child abuse during the hearings currently taking place in Melbourne.

The memo states that the 76-year-old will ‘get got’ should he choose to snitch on the organisation for their help in protecting him and relocating him to the Vatican.

“There’s a big difference between protecting and harbouring paedophiles and not wanting to snitch on your mates,” said the big Victorian.

“Some of these people from the royal commission last year are trying to imprison are my good friends. Plus we Catholics look out for each other. That memo is also a fabrication, the higher powers in Rome aren’t pressuring me to forget evidence and lie.”

However, a senior Vatican aide identified in the leaked memo has confirmed that Pell will need to visit a Melbourne emergency department should he snitch on any of the boys – and he’d be better off not going to a Catholic hospital if he doesn’t want to pass away from unknown causes.


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