20-Year-Old VICE Journalist Offers Her Opinion On Why The Beatles Are Overrated

20-Year-Old VICE Journalist Offers Her Opinion On Why The Beatles Are Overrated


Following the death of iconic American musician Chuck Berry over the weekend, tributes have flowed from rock’n’roll greats who credit the ‘Johnny B. Goode’ singer for his influence on modern music.

The remaining members of The Rolling Stones and The Beatles are just some of the stars to attribute their careers to the late singer-songwriter, who is being remembered as the true inventor of rock music.

However, Sydney-based VICE magazine content writer, Natalia Lawson (20), has decided to take it a step further – in a 500-word listicle outlining not only the life of the deceased musician she has only just heard about – but also her opinion on how overrated The Beatles are.

Titled “Why I Just Don’t Get The Whole Beatles Thing” – Lawson’s piece delves into the personal lives of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr – and uses her limited knowledge of musical theory to criticize the multi-Grammy Award winning musical institution.

“Cultural appropriation served with a nationalistic British garnish of bowl cuts and cheeky smiles… Not for me thanks” writes Lawson, whose last six articles have been sponsored posts for NSW TAFE.

“Maybe I need to polish my Bailey Nelsons… But I think I know what opportunism in the music industry looks like when I see it”

Natalie, who graduated from University three months ago and has never been to England, says to champion The Beatles for being a British version of Chuck Berry is the same as wearing blackface at a dress up party.

However, local roadie and sound and tech guy at the Rooty Hill RSL, Glenn, says Natalie needs to get her head read.

“The Beatles are fucking grouse” says Glenn.

“So is Elvis. So is Chuck Berry… What the fuck does this bird know about timelessness. She’ll be running an instagram page for a Mexican bar”


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