People Who Didn’t Drink Last Night Run City2Surf Because They’re Better Than You

"It was really a good way to wrap up Dry July,"

CLANCY OVERELL | Editor | Contact

The world’s biggest fun run kicked off this morning with more than 80,000 sober competitors spent their Sunday running the entire 14-kilometre course runs from Hyde Park in the CBD to Bondi Beach.

Competitors say that the sunny ocean backdrop served as the perfect backdrop for group selfies.

“It was amazing,” said 30-year-old Sarah Greenman.

“The sky was so blue and the ocean looked great at the end of the run. It was really a good way to wrap up Dry July,”

“I was really happy that I was able to document my newfound healthy lifestyle for all my less inspiring friends at home.”

Social media is abuzz today with thousands of photographs of inner-city professionals using hashtags that imply the enormous marathon wasn’t really that exerting #City2Surf  #SmashedIt #IsThatAll #Finished #Easy


With just under five million dollars raised for charity, organisers say that once again the City2Surf has proven that exercise when combined with social media is the most successful fundraising mechanism of all.



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