Somehow Mum Knows ‘I’m Staying At Lucy’s’ Is Code For ‘I’m Getting Blackout Drunk In A Park Tonight’

Somehow Mum Knows ‘I’m Staying At Lucy’s’ Is Code For ‘I’m Getting Blackout Drunk In A Park Tonight’

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With her best-laid plans in place, Candice Watson didn’t expect them to go awry.

Leaving her parent’s boutique bespoke Betoota Grove home on Friday afternoon, the 16-year-old said she wouldn’t be home that evening – that she’d be staying at her friend Lucy’s home in the nearby French Quarter.

They were going to have a sleepover.

However, Candice’s mother wasn’t entirely convinced. She rang Lucy’s mother to confirm.

“Lucy’s mum was just as confused as I was,” said Bernice Watson.

“But she told me that Candice was more than welcome to stay and that Lucy said they’d be going to a party. I’m not sure if I should let her now. They’re up to something and I know what it is.”

Police have been called to the Greenholm Road Reserve a number of times this year, mostly in response to minor assaults and thefts as well as under-age drinking.

Bernice was worried young Candice is planning to become one of the unsupervised youths – and her concerns were correct.

Speaking to The Advocate this morning with the permission of her parents, Candice told our reporters that her mother ultimately did find out that she and her friends had been drinking in a park over the weekend.

“Basically, Mum came down to the park and caught me writhing around in a pile of leaves completely wasted. One of the private school kids down there got scared and called their parents, who then rang the police. We all scattered when we saw the paddy wagon speeding up the bike path,”

“She was furious, she kept saying, ‘Look how drunk you are! You’re in huge trouble young lady! Where is Lucy?!’ and so on. Seriously, though. Take a chill pill, Mum,”

“Anyway, turns out Mum is smarter than she looks. She knew I was lying about having a sleepover. I shouldn’t have said we were going to go our hair and read Goosebumps. So dumb of me.”

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