Half-Hearted Plans To Hit The Gym After Work Used To Justify 3pm Kit Kat Chunky

Half-Hearted Plans To Hit The Gym After Work Used To Justify 3pm Kit Kat Chunky


After a health kick that has involved bi-weekly visits to the gym, HR Manager Lynne Porter (51) has decided to preemptively reward her healthy efforts with a 3 pm KitKat Chunky.

“I’ve been good today. Nutri Grain for breakfast and caesar salad for lunch. I’m going to the gym later, I need my blood sugar up!”

Following a brief look at the nutritional information, Porter decided she would be able to work around the 207 calories and 10 grams of fat in her KitKat Chunky multipack.

“That’s only 10% of my calories and I’m having half now half later so that’s healthier. And I’m going to the gym probably so that will cancel it out.”

According to those close to her, Porter has taken more liberties with her diet since joining the gym and brags loudly about eating salads every lunch time.

“Problem is though, I’m still hungry after I have one. So yeah, once in a while I might have a bit of a snacko to curb my 3:30-itis.”

“Doesn’t matter because I think I’ll make it to the gym tonight.”

Far from hindering her progress, Porter claims the odd chocolate based treat pushes her to go harder at the gym.

“When you’re my age, your metabolism is slower than an old Newcastle fan making his way to an away game. The sugar kickstarts that and pushes me to cycle even harder on the what-do-you-call-it, bike machine thing.”

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